Why is Age of ILCOIN: Retribution an important step?

Norbert Goffa
4 min readDec 30, 2020

“The future is in VR games. Anyone who disagrees with this does not understand the value of VR games.”

The utilization possibilities of blockchain technology are rapidly extending in spite of the technological challenges which are causing serious trouble for the developers. All giant tech companies work on blockchain-based solutions. No one can ignore this fact! Simply put, in the long run, the economic, financial and other systems shall integrate blockchain-based solutions. The only bottleneck is time.

This is exactly the vision that we are building on since the market of VR games is obviously getting stronger in magnitude; similar to that of the blockchain market. But what’s VR all about? Why does VR have such a great importance, and how does all this connect to the blockchain? I guess everybody loves to watch or listen to fairytales. In my opinion, it is part of the child’s soul to imagine that which are called fantasies today as an adult. Almost certainly a great many of you wished to become heroes or do things that are considered impossible to achieve by common sense. However, the desires are still there even though we grew up. Everyone is looking for these experiences in some form or another…

The appearance of the video games began around a half a century ago, and even though they took advantage of the technology made available during the time of their creation, obviously they cannot hold a candle to what present day games are capable of. Still, a great many people would play for hours or days with one game; becoming one with all its nuances. I remember what an incredible experience it was for me the first time I was able to play with Nintendo. Street Fighter and Mortal Combat were like a reality for us kids where we could compete with each other in the role of a character we sympathized with. It was a lot more than sheer violence since the abilities of the characters meant such self-identification in which the experience became even more tangible for us.

Of course, since then a lot has changed, and nowadays, such graphical and visual effects are associated with the games that were previously unimaginable. This experience is nothing short of approaching reality in such a way that fantasy still remains in the first place. Nevertheless, what would happen if we could be part of the game for real? Of course, not in such a way like in Jumanji: first created in 1981 which was born by the ideas of Chris Van Allsburg. Or what if exactly in a way like Jumanji? There, the characters were actually integrated into the game for real. It is obvious that the content of Jumanji equals zero reality, but looking at it from a different angle, we can even say that this idea was some kind of precursor of the VR games or VR-augmented reality since becoming a part of the game means exactly the same in VR; just as happened in the Jumanji franchise. The difference being, if you are eaten by crocodiles in a VR game, you can still go to work in the morning.

In short, the parallel is much more about we as adults are, indeed, looking for alternatives; such alternatives where one may be able to live his desires in a different form. This is exactly why VR games are such a great value and not due to the sense that I can battle with a lion such as in Jumanji. In the future, VR games will go far beyond those ideas for which we use this technology today. Anything can happen in the virtual world, and that is exactly why this technology shall have a huge
role in the future.

The movie Ready Player One showed a possible future so close that it feels almost within our reach. The evolution of the market is rapid, and it is not only the search for hype, but the importance of the experience arisen from it is more and more in focus. In our opinion, a blockchain enters exactly at
this point. Since, in a system where data is transparent and available for everyone, advancement is a lot faster. This is a global “study program” where the participants could exchange experiences which help and motivate the creation of additional and more effective solutions.

The gaming experience of Age of ILCOIN: Retribution is about the participant, while entering the future, shall become the part of the project where he has to defend the ILCOIN system against malicious attacks. Here, fantasy meets with reality since we created the Command Chain Protocol (C2P) precisely to avoid malicious attacks. It is obvious that our development team has dedicated
players, but this is not enough to enter a multi-year project. We, at the ILCOIN Development Team, besides the experience given by the game, are developing VR games because we believe that there is great potential in the blockchain-based use of VR games, of which no one has currently taken advantage. Our goal is to make ILCOIN the first such project in the world which provides the buzz and the experience of the VR games to the users through the help of our blockchain.




Norbert Goffa

I have a master degree in Management. I am the Co-founder and Executive Manager of ILCoin Blockchain Project.